Pool Configuration
25 Meters, 6 Lanes


Team Mascot


Board Representative
Sharon Hartung


Head Swim Coaches
Alayna Gallegos


Head Dive Coach
Cyndie Zocher


Year Joined

High Point

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In the early 1990s, a new housing development called Wexford Village was just being built. As the new homes went up and new families moved in, they found a common interest in having access to a swimming pool. However, most of the surrounding pools were overcrowded and had waiting lists! The members of the new neighborhood got together and began working to create a new swim club.

This dedicated group of individuals used all of their networks and powers of persuasion to purchase the land, generate revenue, gain commitment from families to join, and secure a loan. The new pool was designed and built in 1992 and opened during the summer of 1993. That happened to be the year Nakoma was to host the All City meet, and they made a deal with the new High Point Swim Club that if they could host the meet at High Point, they would share the revenue with the new pool.

In addition, hosting the meet in 1993 meant that High Point could join the All City league in 1994, which they did! Although High Point had early success starting the pool, by the early 2000s membership had begun to dwindle and the pool had trouble making their mortgage payments. There was even a time when rumors swirled that the pool would have to close! But in 2010, with a renewed commitment from board members and hard work from many committed pool members, High Point Swim Club began a “renaissance.” Since the low point in 2010, swim team participation has almost doubled, overall membership is up 40%, and the pool’s finances are back in the black. The High Point Swim Club you see today is a vibrant and well-run organization, and our members and volunteers enjoyed showing off our great club during the successful 2015 All City League swim meet.

High Point Swim Club
901 North High Point Road
Madison, WI 53717
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