The Madison All City Swim and Dive League wants to ensure that parents, coaches, and athletes are aware of a new league rule regarding technical swim suits. In response to newly revised rules by USA Swimming, the Madison All City Swim and Dive League Board of Directors adopted the following rules, which can be accessed at: All-City League Rules 2019:

IV. Conduct of Meets

5. “No technical suits shall be worn by any swimmer in competition. This applies to:

i. 8 & unders, 2019.
ii. 10 & unders, 2020.
iii. 12 & unders, 2021 and beyond.”

Any swimmer that wears a technical suit in violation of the rules criteria identified in section IV. #5 as stated above will be disqualified from the event(s) in which they wear a technical suit, including the All City Swim Championships. This criteria applies to relays and individual events.


Any questions may directed to the Madison All City Swim and Dive League by contacting Ben Callen, Chair of the Rules Committee.